“Judge a country by the place it gives its women.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Shanti Sahyog Center for Women

As a NGO working for Women Empowerment in Delhi, the Delhi Govt. selected and funded Shanti Sahyog to run a Gender Resource Centre (GRC) Stree Shakti Suvidha Kendra from 1st September 2010 to 31st July 2016.  Since August 2016, our GRC has been renamed as Shanti Sahyog Center for Women.

Shanti Sahyog Center for Women, aims to act as a catalyst for bringing about social, economic and legal empowerment of women belonging to the underprivileged sections of society through interventions in the areas like legal rights, economic initiatives, skill building, micro-enterprises, entrepreneurship development and health. 

As in our GRC, we continue to provide Vocational Training in Computer Application, Cutting &Tailoring & Beauty Culture.

We also conducted a Nursing Assistants Training Program in F/Y 2016-17. The Australian Government funded the training of 120 underprivileged women to be employed as Nursing Assistants in families and hospitals. There is a growing demand for Nursing Assistants to look after elderly/patients that are bed ridden, confined to wheel chairs or on life support. They require round the clock care. Families, where most members are working, employ two nursing assistants on a 12 hours basis to look after such patients.

After 3 months training in theory by Doctors from St Stephen’s Hospital, New Delhi, followed by one month of hands on experience in National Heart Institute, East of Kailash, New Delhi, the trainees were placed in hospitals and private homes. The minimum educational qualification for selection was Std VIII, as reading skills are required to take temperature, blood pressure, read prescriptions etc. Minimum age required – 16 years.

Health Camps

Health Care through our Health & Dental Centre in Kalkaji, new Delhi and through regular Health / Eye / Cancer Camps.

The main aim of these bimonthly camps is to provide medical treatment to the community by a general physician, TB specialist, dentist, oncologist, gynecologist and pediatrician. 

Non Formal/Adult Education

Adult Education classes, help illiterate women to atleast sign their names and read basic information. Young girls over 16 years of age and underprivileged women who have never attended school or are dropouts, non-school going and regular school going poor children who lack access to private tuition are our Target Groups. There are 50 beneficiaries every 6 months. Free study materials are provided.


Nai Roshni is a project under Ministry of Minority Affairs for minority women. In this program underprivileged women from minority section have been taught about Legal Rights of Women, Hygiene, Marriage & Divorce Laws, Domestic Violence, Employability etc. NGO Working for Women Empowerment in Delhi

Shanti Sahyog has successfully conducted 5 batches for Nai Roshni program with 25 women in each batch, through which we trained 125 women of Minority from Kalkaji and Govindpuri slums. We have also arranged a crèche facility for the children of women trainees for an uninterrupted pace of training.

Access to Counseling and Legal Aid

Counseling & Legal Aid for women who are often victims of domestic violence / sexual harassment and abuse.  Women and children are often at higher risk of violence and abuse in the densely packed slum settings.  With low level of literacy rates, women often, are unaware of their legal rights and Government schemes that are in place to help them. Our legal counselor, offers women in the slum communities, aid and counseling, access to government social welfare schemes, and helps them find a voice for themselves and their children.

We recently conducted Nai Roshni program under the auspices of the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India. The objective was to raise awareness of social issues and provide legal literacy especially about women rights. They were also taught how to write legal applications and seek legal aid. The primary obstacles to the realization of women’s human rights in India, are social and cultural in nature, deeply rooted in the traditions of its communities


Self Defence training is given periodically to help women protect themselves.  They  are also counseled to send their children to school instead of having them work long hours for very little returns. They are taught life-skills as well.

Our mobilizers play a vital role in the successful implementation of our schemes for women. They go in the hot summer sun, in the rainy season and in the biting winter cold, visiting every home in our catchment areas – 17 slums in Kalkaji / Govindpuri area of South Delhi & Tughlakabad Village, conveying information about our schemes, collecting details of every family, encouraging them to come to our Center for Women, to avail the benefits offered by the Government to those living below the poverty line.




About Shanti Sahyog

Poor slum dwellers commonly suffer from unemployment, illiteracy, drug-addiction, and low mortality rates of both adults and children as a result of not supporting one, or all, of UN-HABITAT’s basic living conditions. We are actively working in 16 urban slums in Kalkaji/Govindpuri area & Tughlakabad village, New Delhi and our team consist of 43 people.

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