Shanti Sahyog

Shanti Sahyog Netherlands

Shanti Sahyog Netherlands is the Dutch partner Foundation of Shanti Sahyog India. The purpose of the Foundation is to help the underprivileged – especially women and children – living in urban Indian slums by empowering them through education, health care and vocational training leading to economic independence. They do this by raising funds to support development projects in the slums adopted by Shanti Sahyog India.

Shanti Sahyog Netherlands is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under: 854708066.

It is based in Amsterdam, Rubensstraat 64 HS, 1077MX. Shanti Sahyog Netherlands can be reached by e-mail:

Foundation Objective

The purpose of the Foundation is to help individuals and communities in India to break the cycle of poverty which prevents them from reaching their full potential.

Policy Plan

The main activity of the Foundation is to raise funds to support the grassroots work of Shanti Sahyog India. These projects focus on: access to education and health care, provide legal aid and counseling, offer skill development and empower women. We do this by applying for grants from fund providing organizations and businesses. Any grants received are invested directly in projects in India by Shanti Sahyog India. The operational costs for the Foundation are borne by the three board members.

Board - Shanti Sahyog Netherlands

The Board comprises: Prajna Khanna (Chair), Gerald Naber (Treasurer) and Jessica De Boer (Secretary). All three board members are volunteers and do not receive compensation for their work for the Foundation.

Activity Report Shanti Sahyog Netherlands '15

In 2015 our main focus is to set up the Foundation in the Netherlands and get the required processes in place to get the charity tax status from the Dutch government. Other than this, we also made requests for small grants at several funds in the Netherlands.