CPCR is a developing think tank, research and advocacy organization, that works to realize Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s vision of a Nonviolent World Order, by creating public awareness of nonviolence as knowledge critical to human survival.It works for the promotion of nonviolent conflict resolution, peace education, citizen diplomacy and peace programs in India and abroad. To know more, click the link Centre for Peace 

Nonviolence is a fundamental of every sphere of Gandhi’s life – personal, public, community and political. He urges us to consciously choose nonviolence over violence because it is, “The Law of our Species”; i.e., the right thing to do as human beings. He also equates Nonviolence with Love: “The Law of Nonviolence which is the Law of Love is The Law of our Species.” So to fully understand Gandhi’s concept and practice of nonviolence, we may compare it with love, as their components are the same. For instance, trust is the basis of love (a meaningful relationship) whether personal or political. Thus mistrust among nation states leads to greater expenditure on military defence to deter attack and to view each other as enemies. To know more click International Initiative


The main tools of a Gandhian Satyagraha are:

  1. Mass Mobilization
  2. Use of Symbols

Based on the above, Shanti Sahyog Center for Peace & Conflict Resolution has chalked out the following strategy for their International Initiative, World Beyond War, which requests each citizen of every nation state to withdraw his/her personal, individual support for the War System by doing the following:

  1. Sign our Petition for World Beyond War on Change.org
  2. Empower ten more people to sign the petition;
  3. Give a donation of a minimum of 1 of your National Currency to meet our target collection of 2 Million USD – one minute of World Military Expenditure. Example: ₹ 1 in India, $ 1 in USA, € 1 in Europe, £ 1 in United Kingdom and so on;
  4. Meet your local MP / Senator with your petition letter, a candle and a chocolate;
  5. Help in obtaining the signature of a VIP (If you wish);
  6. Participate in a Candle-light Protest;
  7. Have a Fruit Birthday (only one during the GANDHI – 150 YEARS);
  8. Sing a Peace Song;
  9. Wear a T shirt with the World Beyond War Logo;
  10. Use a Car Screen or other products of daily use with the World Beyond War Logo;
  11. Join & Support, ‘Women against War’;
  12. Don’t submit your Income Tax Return (in 2020-2021) if the respective National Governmentsof countries participating in this Initiative, don’t permit our democratic right /option to divert
    our Defence Tax from Military Defence to Nonviolent Defence.

About Shanti Sahyog

Poor slum dwellers commonly suffer from unemployment, illiteracy, drug-addiction, and low mortality rates of both adults and children as a result of not supporting one, or all, of UN-HABITAT’s basic living conditions. We are actively working in 16 urban slums in Kalkaji/Govindpuri area & Tughlakabad village, New Delhi and our team consist of 43 people.

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