World-wide revulsion over the recent mass slaughter of innocent school children in Peshwar, unabated terrorist attacks globally, killing of civilians in peace time, spreading of war, vast financial and human resources being depleted on armaments instead of on development, the rising politics of fear seem enough reason to revisit Gandhi's philosophy and practice of nonviolence with a view to understand and apply it to our life situation.

Aim of the Centre:

To promote Gandhi's legacy of Nonviolent Conflict Resolution between nation states so we can move to a World Beyond War.

(Gandhi began writing about the possibilities of national defense by nonviolent resistance in 1931. He recommended a nonviolent defense policy to Switzerland in 1931, to Abyssinia in 1935, to Czechoslovakia in 1938, and to Britain in 1940. The Congress Party in India rejected his proposal for a nonviolent defense in 1939, and again in 1940.)

  • To introduce Nonviolent Defence in Defence Systems globally
  • To advocate Gandhi's vision of Communal Harmony
  • To spread the Gandhian ideals of Truth Nonviolence & Service - Satya, Ahimsa, Seva

Coverage Areas:

Work with educational institutions to spread awareness of Gandhian principles.

Collaborate with Gandhian Institutes/ Foundations, Gandhi Bhavans in Universities, Gandhi Centers in Colleges to promote Nonviolent Conflict Resolution.

Team up with international Gandhi Institutes and Departments of Peace Studies/ Research and network with internationally renowned Gandhian scholars/peace researchers to promote Nonviolent Conflict Resolution.

Implementation Methodology:
Spreading the message of the Centre through seminars, workshops, short Gandhi courses, conferences, research and publications. To begin with a series of bi-monthly seminars in 2015 on Mahatma Gandhi's views on Conflict Resolution, Religion, Development, Truth, Women, Nonviolent Resistance etc.